V. meer

As a scientist, Vera Meyer is interested to decode nature’s genetic principles underlying growth and metabolism of fungal microorganisms. By bridging the gap between systems and synthetic biology, she together with her team develops new fungal cell factories for the sustainable production of pharmaceuticals, enzymes and biobased materials.


As an artist, V. meer’s approach is intuitive and led by spontaneous ideas. She does not necessarily follow explicit project purposes but rather goes where improvisation and intuition will take her. Paintings, drawings, plastic works and sculptures are equally important in V. meer’s artistic creation. Her work is inspired by a very conscious perception of nature phenomena and everyday objects. Likewise, ideas are sparked by her work with fungi, where she puts a strong emphasis on sculpting and creating objects from chance finds like forest mushrooms, decaying wood and scrap metal. Collecting and interweaving of things that never met, picked out of decay or seemingly useless, demand - in the golden dress of death - renewed attention, both individually and as a whole. The ephemeral, the aesthetic-sculptural value of the discarded are given a new, unplanned existence and coexistence.

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